LINGO FOR WHOM? For Me For Companies

About us

The company has as  main purpose to innovate in the languages teaching field, connecting students to experienced teachers and an exclusive methodology in a unique technology platform. For this reason, innovation comes by offering, one-on-one classes with unlimited plans, several languages and an exclusive methodology, allowing the student to customize its course and classes according to its needs, all of this having a 24/7 customer service.

The company was founded by brothers Michael Traeger Mujica and Karl Traeger Mujica, specialists in technology and education, with the purpose of taking the world of LINGO’s learning to a new, faster and more effective era, doing all of these with fair prices.

The languages offered by the company are Spanish, English and Portuguese, soon, we will be including other languages.

Currently, the company has associates in Brazil, United States of America and Latin America, connecting this way, students and teachers from all around the world.