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  • +What's

    E: is an online teaching platform, that connects students and teachers from different countries around the world. Lingo is only one that offers unlimited one-on-one private classes for a fixed monthly price, all of these with a 24 hours customer service, where the student can schedule classes with 3 hours of advance.

  • +What languages are offered?

    Portuguese, Spanish and English, but will be adding more languages soon.

  • +Why Lingo?

    Different from tradicional presence-based and online institutes, is the only one with classes 100% private and one-on-one classes, with limited and unlimited classes plan and a methodology totally personalized, guaranteeing this way, an effective result. Schedule your free demostrative class!

  • +What is methodology?

    All of our classes have the method of induction, from the first day the student receives the lessons totally spoken in the language that they are studying, in this way, the learning is realized through the imitation of a linguistic model, memorization of small dialogues or phrases and the acquisition of vocabulary through association or memory. Our program is divided into 7 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 and M1 (A- Basic, B- Intermediate, C- Advanced, M- Maintenance). In addition, the student can choose to define the Course Focus: Business or Traditional, Structure of the course: Grammar or Conversation and even request classes of specific content (according to your need)

  • +What is the difference between the Business and Traditional course of

    When selecting our Business Program, the classes will be focused on corporate themes, encouraging the student, in short time to make presentations, meetings and conferences. Traditional classes will be more focused on everyday subjects, pleasure and travel.

  • +What is the difference between the conversation, gramatic and balanced structure?

    Once the focus of the course has been selected Traditional or Business, it is time to select your structure, you have the freedom to structure classes as needed, conversation (70% / 30), balanced (50% / 50%) or Grammar % / 30%).

  • +What are the class of specific content?

    Students can request classes with specific topics according to their current need. For example, a student may request a lesson on vocabulary improvement within a subject of student interest. Or the student can request a class focused on a corporate activity, such as: preparing a meeting or presentation and even simulations.

  • +In case I have a really basic level, how Am I going to communicate with a native professor?

    Lingo has already thought about this, for A1, A2 and B1 levels (Basic and Intermediate), all teachers understand the local language of the student, so that the conversation flows and the student can progress without the need for translations or speeches in the local languages.

  • +Does the course have some didatic material?

    Yes, in each class the student receieves the content that will be used in the class. This material has conversational activities, grammatical structure and exercises. Some classes also include extracurricular material for the students to can study after the class.

  • +What are the available plans?

    "We currently offer our students 4 plans:
    - One-Lingo Limited 4: Choose a language and study up to 4 hours per month (8 lessons of 30 min each)
    - One-Lingo Limited 8: Choose a language and study up to 8 hours per month (16 lessons of 30 min each)
    - One-Lingo Unlimited: Choose a language and study as much as you want! It's Unlimited!
    - Multi-Lingo Unlimited: Study all languages ​​offered by Lingo unlimited way!"

  • +How does the unlimited plan?

    The student pays a monthly rate and can have as many classes as they want in a month. Thats right, it is unlimited, it does not have a set limit of classes.

  • +How does the limited plan?

    The student pays a monthly rate and can pick from the contracted classes (it varies from the chosen plan)

  • +How much does the plan cost?

    The monthly value changes according to the contracted plan. You can enter to the "Price" page and you can obtain more information.

  • +What are the payment methods? works with Paypal, which accepts the main international credit card.

  • +What is the minimum hiring period?

    There is no minimum period for contracting's plans. Because we have a quality service our biggest concern are our students.

  • +Why are the monthly values of in dollars? is an american enterprise, therefore all the values are in American dollars.