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What we do


All of our classes are induction and inference based. With this approach, learning is obtained through a linguistic-model of imitation, learning vocabulary through intuitive association or memory. Our program is divided into 7 levels, as shown on the image below:

  • Evaluation and Certification

    At the end of each level, students will be evaluated through an oral and written test. Upon successful completion and evaluation, students are granted a course certificate.

  • Engaging Activities

    Our course offers diverse and interactive learning activities consisting of: conversational classes, fill in the blanks, reading/writing exercises, and customization because no two students learn exactly the same way.

Only at Lingo:

  • One-on-one classes

    Real-time one on one, individual, online classes lasting 30 minutes. Personalized according to your needs. All of our classes are individuals, so our students may obtain optimal levels of learning.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Students have the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere! Schedule classes with only 3 hours in advance, 24/7.

  • Native teachers

    All teachers are native speakers, highly trained and experienced. Our teachers are in continuous training and supervision to maintain the highest quality standards.

  • Native Teachers
  • Exclusive Methodology
  • Effective Results
  • Open 24/7
  • Online one-on-one classes
  • Certificate

360 Approach

  • Our Focus: Your Needs offers an innovative approach that allows our students to learn corporate communication, everyday topics, and culture. Making it a complete program that can assist in any situation.

  • Hands-on approach

    With our methodology, through conversational classes, the teachers will be able to identify the weakness in the language of each student, and adjust the classes according to his needs. We are the only language school that focuses on their students' needs.

  • Specifics: Content Request

    Students have the possibility to request classes to discuss specific topics or subjects. For example: having a conversational class to talk about a certain topic the student is interested on or a class focused on practicing a professional presentation.